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of Orthodox Theology and Spirituality, New York

Institutul Roman de Teologie si Spiritualitate Ortodoxa, New York

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Lumina Lina

Gracious Light

Paulina Popa
Trilogia din oglindă/ A Trilogy in a Mirror
English version by Muguraş Maria Vnuck and David Paul Vnuck
ISBN 978-19425859-92
Liviu Pendefunda
from my depths/din adâncul meu
Translation from Romanian by Muguraş Maria Vnuck and David Paul Vnuck
Forword by Academician Mihai Cimpoi
Illustrations by Elleny Pendefunda
Gracious Light, New York and Destine Literare, Montreal, 2019
ISBN 978-888067-1

Lulzim Tafa, Terrible Songs,

English version by Patricia Lidia, Foreword by Peter Tase, Albanian poetry from Kosovo, Gracious Light, New York, 2013

Dumitru Ichim, The Ideogram of my soul. Ideograma sufletului meu,

Foreword by Theodor Damian, English version and postface by Muguras Maria Petrescu, Gracious Light, New York, 2013

Eugen D. Popin, Das Zwielicht überquert den Fluss. Dusk across the river,
Gracious Light, New York, 2015